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Grade 7 Learner’s Package in Arts (MAPEH)

Art Gr.7LM(Q3&Q4)Front&BackCover

Art Gr. 7 LM (Q4Module7)Sculpture&New MediaJuly5,2012

Art Gr. 7 LM (Q3Module6)Printmaking& New MediaJuly5, 2012

Art Gr.7LM(Q3&Q4)Front&BackCover

Complete Learner’s Package in Music Grade 7

Grade 7 Module 1 – 2 (Q3 & Q4)

Grade 7 Module 7 – 8 (Q3 & Q4)

Grade 7 Module 5 – 6 (Q3 & Q4)

Grade 7 Module 3 – 4 (Q3 & Q4)

Grade 7 Module 1 – 2 (Q3 & Q4)

Science Grade 7 Learner’s Package

Click the link to download a free copy of the Learner’s Package in Science Grade 7:

Q3-Q4 Learners Module v1.0

Math Grade 7 Learner’s Package Free Download

Math Gr. 7 Learner’s Materials (Quarter 3) Oct. 18, 2012

Please click on the link above to download a free pdf copy of the Learner’s Package in Mathematics for Grade 7.

Filipino Grade 7 Learner’s Package


Just click on the link below to get a PDF copy of the learner’s package for Filipino Baitang 7. The free PDF includes Pol Medina Jr’s comic strips like Pimple, Braces and The Gwapigs. This also includes the reading materials needed for the class.

Learning Package Baitang 7 Ikatlong Markahan

Learning Package Baitang 7 Ikaapat na Markahan