Scary Facts about Scary Monsters

1. Witches cast spells, look at glass balls and try to kill people. They are usually very ugly.scraggly hair, big nose, and pointed finger nails. they are always female and are always evil. They sometimes capture people and cut them up. they put them in a stew, and use the juice to cast spells or to eat. They are always are old looking. They like eating little kids mostly.

But do you know that witches were hunted during the early modern Europe, where an estimated 40,000 to 100,000 were needlessly killed.

2. Ghosts are the souls of the dead who have died tragically or who haven’t accepted their deaths yet. Ghosts are probably the most popular and common in the world. The mystery and fascination of death and the afterlife means there are hundreds of explanations. But the oldest form of ghosts were called “shades”, the spirit of a dead person living in the underworld. These shades trace all the way back to Homer’s Odyssey, circa 8th century BC.

3. Vampires – Reasons from ignorance to premature burials can lead to mass hysteria and rumors of vampires. But the most comprehensive one traces back to pre-Christian Europe’s vampir. In pre-industrial Slavic societies, demons played a large role in their religion. These vampirs exhibit many of the characteristic of vampires: sucking blood from humans, the ability to turn into animals, hatred towards humanity. These beliefs would eventually make their way all over the world.

4. Zombie movies have been increasingly popular over the past few decades, but did you know they trace all the way back to 2000 BC’s Epic of Gilgamesh? But the introduction of zombies to the western public actually came from real life examples! “The Magic Island” by W. B. Seabrook chronicled the true tales of Haitian voodoo cults. West African Voudun believes that a dead person can be revived by bokors (sorcerers), completely mindless and obedient to their master.

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